Piney Ridge United Methodist Church

​ History

The Quakers were instrumental in the development of our church.   Education, hard work, freedom and praising God were cherished by the Quakers.  In 1826, the Holly Springs ancestors migrated from the Grange Friends Meeting in the country Amah, North Ireland and settled in Richland Creek which was later named Cox borough.  The meeting house was called the Piney Ridge Friends which was also the location of the school.  Shortly after the Civil War in 1865, Holly Springs Church (which was considered the “Mother Church”) severed ties with Piney Ridge Friends which then became known as “Piney Ridge Church.” The church joined the Methodist Episcopal Conference November 7, 1886.  The property was deeded to the Methodist Episcopal Conference by Mr. J. N. Owen and his wife Mrs. M. G. Owen in the amount of four dollars.  The first known trustees were James Cheek, Thomas Little, and J.L Luck.  Rev Clark was the first known pastor in 1885. 

In 1892, a new frame structure was built which later included a vestibule, steeple and a bell.  The bell was used to summon the church community in cases of sickness, death, and as funeral processions were arriving at the church, as well as, for Sunday Worship
Service.  The bell still stands today.

December 13, 1896, Sunday School was held with 18 members.  By 1897, the Sunday School attendance increased to 61 members. The church offering was sixteen to sixty-one cents. By 1905, the attendance increased to 80 members and the pastor was paid with food and other needed items.  In 1912, 1.35 acres of land was purchased in the amount of seven dollars.  Luther Green granted this land to the trustees of Piney Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church.  Trustees (L.L. Luck, E.S. Spencer, Alfred Cox.)  One acre was for “God’s Acre” and the oldest members.:

Alfred Cox, Henry Leach, George Coffin, Barn Green, and Edmond Moffitt rest in peace in “God’s Acre.” July 30, 1917, sixteen acres of land was purchased from Luther Green by Piney Ridge and Pleasant Hill Methodist Churches.  He was paid one hundred sixty-eight dollars. The land was to be used for a parsonage.  In 1968, Piney Ridge Church became the Piney Ridge United Methodist Church and in 1986, a fellowship hall was built. 

January 2000, the UMW began a project to build a playground on the property.  With the help of fellow church members, friends, and the community, the project was completed in June 2001.  December 2002, the church purchased the property adjoining the graveyard.  September 2007, we began a project to enlarge the vestibule and pave the parking lot.  The project was completed in June 2008.

Currently, (2015) we have a membership of 73.  We continue to strive to serve Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in spirit and truth.